Tournament Report

 These are the tournaments I participated in during the time of those 365 days of this blog:

Ried Open 2016 (28th April - 01st May)

- performance of above 2150 / gained some 20 FIDE rating points
- started to show new opening lines


Wunsiedel Schachfestival 2016 (05th - 8th May)

- performance of 1886 / lost some 27 FIDE rating points
- continued with new opening lines (with new/different stuff played in 5 out of 7 games; but that was NOT the reason for the bad performance)

Hasslocher Schachtage 2016 (13th - 16th May)

Rhein-Main-Open 2016 (25th - 29th May)

- horrible performance / bad calculation / imense time trouble
- I was silly enought to work on two days of the tournament and drive some 265km on these days, too: this will not happen again

Vellmar Open 2016 (28th July - 31th July)

- finally gained back some 15 rating points
- stopped trying to play new openings/variations by all means, but focus simply play my existing repertoire better
- just like the Rhein-Main-Open, I ended up in time trouble 5 out of 7 games, costing me at least one important half point (not sure how, but I need to work on my time management)

Schlosspark Open 2016 (25th - 28th August)

- again a re-gainer of some 10 rating points; I guess the inflexion point  has been left behind

- noticable less time trouble
- felt like seeing more (and faster) at the board

Nibelungen Open 2016 (30th - 03rd October)

almost flat performance after a really impressive series against titled players (I simply couldn´t clear my head the way it should have been)
- frightening mis-judgement of one middle-game position

Korbacher Open 2016 (20th - 23rd October)

- another nice gainer of rating points including titled opponents
- time trouble seems to be a thing of the past

Heusenstamm Sparkassen Open 2016 (24th - 27th November)

- another gain of some 10 rating points and yet again also took points from titled opponent
- mis-judgement of a dead draw, though

Erfurter Schachfestival 2016 (26th - 30th December)

- another - but slight - gain of some 5 rating point
- mis-judgement in an ending (against an IM) cost me first a full point and then the draw; mis-judgement of a middle-game cost me half a point

Staufer Open 2017 (02nd - 06th January)

- gave away CLEAR victories in 4 games; no chance for any rating gain when throwing away clear wins
- mis-judgement in a middlegame cost me half a point

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