Personal Analysis Tree (PAT)

From now on - based on the tree learned from my coach and adopted to my specific needs - the following PAT will be used for analysing positions:

Phase 1 - Basics

counting pieces, evaluate the safety of the king, identify obvious features (e.g. isolated pawns, bad placed pieces, high level targets for attack or in need of defense, mating motives, etc.); 
Is my opponent´s (piece) activity limited?
Is it a Wu-Wei position?

Phase 2 - Main Analysis Phase

STAGE I: ADP - attacking + defending possibilities
(including opponent´s threats and own possibilities with an emphasis on checks + captures)
STAGE II: III - initiatives - in-between moves - imbalances
STAGE III: WPP-OO - worst-placed piece (own and opponent´s)

Phase 3 - Candidates

As a result of the first two phases, a limited number of candidate ideas
will result in a restricted number of candidate moves. 

Phase 4 - Evaluation

The most promising candidate moves will be calculated in depth.

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