Monday, 19 February 2018

Working on heavy pieces games

As indicated before and verified by my error db, I started working on my play with heavy pieces (queen + rooks). I bought and work with:
I only started - but the positions and explanations so far are pretty insightful and yet so familiar to the mistakes I make...
Here´s a typical position  - White to move:
How would you continue? Rxh7? So did I - and it loses!  But how - can you see the refutation?!

(What somewhat scares me: I am sure that Black wouldn´t see the refutation neither. But since Black can´t do anything else anyway, he simply can wait until it becomes his "last resort"; whereas White better calculates it to the very end...) 
So for now, these examples are rather scary and not yet increasing my self-confidence; but I am convinced it will chance soon!  This book will surely elevate my understanding on how to thoroughly act with heavy forces!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Endgame Basics

Given the very embarrassing lack of endgame knowledge so well demonstrated during the last tournament - and also based on the latest advice of my former Coach - I went back to the classics: endgames!

Yes, I am very good at forgetting these rather boring and tiresome endgame principles rather sooner than later - and it is definitely not really funny to study these anyway - but this is exactly the reason why it has to be done!

Did you know that this is a draw?! Black to move:
Well, I fairly admit that I did NOT.  BUT NOW!
If I had to move, I would have chosen the right piece and square, BUT to be totally honest:
I would have resigned earlier on!!!

(Interestingly, the latest Komodo-Version considers it +2 for White while at the same time recognizing that it is part of its endgame database and expressing that it´s a draw!)

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Stockfish 9 available

Check this out: Stockfish 9 is available!

Pfalz Open 2018

Well, I won against all players rated lower and lost against all players rated higher - a pitty, that this still makes me lose some rating points. Although, in the very end, it is well deserved!

To cut it short: I need help!  Why on earth do I fuck up positions like the ones below???
(Let´s face it - within EVERY of the last 5 tournaments, I have similar positions being totally won. But in the end I don´t manage to get the full point, often not even half of it!)

From move 11 to move 30 I was holding between 1.1 and 2.8 plus. Here is the position, where I fucked it up completely within two moves - I was White, against a 2222-guy:
 My gut-feeling told me that I can take on b6 - but I didn´t have the time to calculate it. (Black played an incorrect piece sacrifice earlier on and actually there were three interesting and - according to the computer - winning replies to it. I saw them all and calcuated them all, costing me some 30 minutes. That´s why I ended up in time trouble.)
I also could have taken on d4, but, hey, this would have also won the game!!!
Soooo, I went for Nc7 which is still winning, but within three more moves I threw it all away!
The only good thing: I had 3 times the chance to force the exchange of Black´s three pawns versus my pawn+knight - leading to a dead draw. But since I knew that White is definitely winning, I did NOT chicken out; at least not.

Here´s another one:
So I kept this 2175-dude off my neck for over 50 moves and I was absolutely convinced that the above position is a draw. But yet again, I only had seconds to think - and lost!

This is so demotivating and annoying (if I would have won the first game above, I would have scored some 15 ratings points)...