Sunday, 3 April 2016

Day 2 / part II

....and here we go: Earlier today I am happily announcing the concept of Wu Wei, and only a few hours afterwards I am NOT able to really apply it (Kasparov versus Vallejo Pons /2004) - white to move:

This is what I would call a Wu Wei position: White has any time in the world to regroup his pieces. There is no need at all for any hasty/brutal attacking gestures! Qc1! Who sees the plan behind it?


Anonymous said...

Bb1 and Qc2 plus attack on kingside (RB)

ChessMonk said...

Yes - promising and actually Kasparov´s choice!

However, Nf6 takes some of the manoeuveral beauty and because of this Nd2 (instead of Qc1) deserves also "some attention"...