Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Day 283 / 82 to go

I started with 6 (4 tactical and 2 endgame) positions at Smith´s book, solved them all (but not in each and every variation to the very end) and should be able to start Chapter 7 within the coming two days.

Then I went back to my database (variation with Black). To be very honest, I guess I know only half  (or even less) of the possibilities Chessbase 13 offers...­čśĽ

I closed the training day with two Lommers. BOTH were incorrectly set up in the book!!! My coach told me that this would happen every now and then throughout the book, but not that it would happen twice in a row! So it took me some 20 for each position before I gave up, only to find out (and have it confirmed by an engine) that the text is incorrect. Hence, my analysis as such was correct and I correctly didn´t find the desired solution according to the book, as the book is simply wrong...

(I guess tomorrow I will add all those louzy games to my "Mistake db".)

Ah - by the way: I bought the highly praised newest book by Gelfand "Positional Decision Making in Chess" for my eChessReader-App "Forward Chess". So that I can use public transportation time for studying. But, what a disappointement, this book is pretty useless and much more a special edition of Gelfand´s best games - something I am not interested at all. (A pitty, Aargaad gave his good name as chess author for Gelfand´s work: it is so misleading the way the book is offered!)

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