Thursday, 12 January 2017

Day 285 / 80 to go

I spent some time with CT-ART 4.0 but didn´t really make any rating-progress... 8-/    I guess I am not yet really fully in a decent training mode...

In addition, I advanced with Smith´s book: I take three hints with me.
1) I should use a real chess board more often. Especially for practising openings and endgames.
2) I should start asking myself "why this move now"/"what is the purpose of this move" more often while practising opening and endgames!
3) I should stop watching other games while my game is still on.  I remember that coach gave me that advise about one year ago. And I remembered that I did decrease the time I was wandering around. I don´t know for sure, but I believe that it actually did have a positive effect on my game. But for some reason - at least during the latest tournaments, I constantly was looking at my team mates games!

These hints will now make it into my Summary of Training Achievements!

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