Friday, 9 September 2016

Day 162 / 203 to go

Today I continued with Smith´s book - one of the tasks was to evaluate the following position:
Personally, I prefer Black. Smith at first, too, but he then considers the chances "fairly even"; Komodo prefers White (with about +0.3). What bothers me is the circumstance that I did forget about Day 154: opposite coloured bishops favour the more active side (although this probably would have resulted in an even worse evaluation of the position)...

In Chapter 3 Smith provides me yet with another important advice (see my Training Achievements): Next to practicing my PAT not in order to apply it continuously during the game, but to apply it during training in order to strengthen my intuition, he also advices to use my PAT (and therefore the accompanying (auxiliary questions") only when intuition during a game fails or especially during the opponent´s time my PAT should be applied!

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