Sunday, 3 April 2016

Day 1 / 364 to go

I spent about one hour on some sort of "analysis tree"-calculation referred to me by my coach as "fruit tree" (FT).  Practicing the FT will cover the complete year; its purpose it to internalise a decent method of how to analyse a chess position (mainly within the opening and middle game, but also for endings with decent material being left on the board). I actually included/adopted some interesting thoughts by Aagaards´s book "Positional Play" - so that I have my own "personalised version" of the FT, now being referred to as PAT (I actually posted my PAT - feel free to use it, why not - or adopt it, or leave a comment). Actually, adopting the FT was advised by my coach!
I have to start including my PAT into my thinking and use it at least 3 times per match into my thinking process. This will increase the time it takes me to come up with a move during a match. But the more I practice, the faster I will get!

In addition, I was working on my new and additional opening line with white. I reviewed the latest literature and created some sort of "abstract" covering only those variations relevant for my game.

By the way (as part of my todays excersises) - can someone out there solve the one below (white to move, of course)?
Once you know the pattern, you will never forget it!

Achievements of the day:
  • Adoption of the FT and creation of my PAT
  • Working with Aaagard´s "Positional Play" - applying my PAT
  • Variation consolidation for my new and additional opening line with white
  • Hammered one interesting pattern into my head
  • When calculating variations, the right order to do so is (i) checks (ii) capturing pieces (iii) threats.

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