Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 53 / 312 to go

Hmmm, I managed to go for 3 Lommer-positions, the first two were rather easy, but I lacked the focus to calculate to the very end. Have fun with the following - White to move (and win), but beware (hint: there is a reason why the black king is placed on the a2-g8 diagonal)!   8-)
What bothers me is the circumstance that I stopped calculating half way, simply relying on my gut feeling that "now it must be won anyway"!  A very silly mistake. Silly, because I really should know better by now and especially when tackling a puzzle (which has only one purpose - to make you calculate)!!! I knew already prior to my intense training that I need to force myself "somehow" to calculate more. Tonight was a good example that forcing oneself to calculate actually never stops (at least in my case; and I actually got prominent support by Edouard´s "Avoidable Mistakes"): Simply DON`T to be lazy!

In addition, I did a high level check (wouldn´t call it analysis) on some opening stuff for Black - I guess, I finally found something very promising to complement my opening repertoire with Black. I am actually a bit excited, awaiting the respective books to be read!  8-)   (Even if this realistically means that it will take me yet another few tournaments more before I will get used to the variations and patterns - and finally score well...)

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