Monday, 20 June 2016

Day 81 / 284 to go

Today I practiced my PAT using Aagard. The following position was both a nightmare and very typical for me, White to move:
A nightmare, because I really couldn´t come up with a decent move or plan for White at all. My mind was stuck by Black´s posibilities on the king-side.... My calculation as well as simply my intuition told me that White has to aim for "something" in the centre or the queenside.
So typical for me because I was calculating Bxc5, dxc and d6 but I stopped after c6 and ended by commenting (to myself): d6 is too great a weakness, forget it!  This is embarrassing and annoying at the same time: I simply stop calculating too early!  I consider this my greatest weakness these days...  (As, of course, c6 is simply a very bad move --- Na4!)

In addition, I studied my new opening with Black using software (which assists me learning the correct move-orders and also with eliminating unfavourable variations).

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