Sunday, 5 June 2016

Day 65+66 / 299 to go

ON PURPOSE - sorry, Coach - I played online chess! I simply wanted to have some "chess fun"!

And how hard was I punished!  Just like I lost some 100 rating points with "traditional" chess, my 4 online rating indicators ALL dropped between 50 and 200 points!  (I actually play both slower and simply worse than before...)
This can now safely be called my motivational all-time low!

In addition, I started to dig into yet another opening with Black. I actually did have a first look into the book yesterday, but didn´t formally go into the variations. Today I did use my software to extract those variations relevant for me. After this, I will have two new weapons with Black - that was simply a necessity (and it took me one "wrong turn" before I found something "suitable")! Luckily, these sessions are more "technical" and much less "brain-instensive" - so the coming days I can focus on that and allow my chess-braincells some rest (while still savely proclaiming that I am continuing with training) ...

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