Thursday, 2 June 2016

Day 63 / 302 to go

I have done 6 PATs in the "usual" 60 minutes and managed to go for one Lommer. That was it.
(Working days are currently too long for more.)
How I did on the Lommer?  As usual, I am afraid: I still don´t solve them 100%. And I feel that setting stepping stones doesn´t really work the last couple of days, which is a clear sign for the circumstance that I can´t focus on chess the way I want to...  But I am fighting!

Although I was pretty tired, in three of the six Aargaard positions the right move almost "jumped" at me - not sure if my x-ray starts to improve or the positions are simply pretty easy.  What do you think of the one below (White to move) - "instantly spottable"? I guess so...

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