Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Day 67+ 68 / 297 to go

Yesterday I came home at 1930 and was in bed at 2040 -- no chance or anything else than grabbing some food.

Today I did 6 PATs based on Aargaard´s puzzles, but left No. 6 out - I simply didn´t want to push myself for a move just for the sake of it. But I also felt that I needed a break. So instead of simply picking any move and head for the solution, I decided to give it another try tomorrow!
For one position it took me a while to come up with a plan - and I was actually positive because I found one. However, the solution was something totally different. I guess/hope/expect that I will be open for that kind of moves/positions (at least in the nearby) future...
Can you spot the correct plan - Black to move (actually, even Komodo needed a few minutes to downgrade my move/plan to be only second best)?

In addition, I worked on my new opening with Black. Tomorrow is Lommer-time!

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