Thursday, 30 March 2017


Believe it or not: I took the special offer to go for the complete 15h selection of "The Naroditsky Method".
I am not really convinced that the rather passive way of watching/listening makes you a stronger player. Nevertheless, I expcect some new insights, thoughts, concepts which will both deepen and broaden my understanding.(And if nothing else, I simply bought world-class games commented by a world-class player. This by itsself is a value.)

Here is a new game (So against Aronian - commented by Naroditsky).
Black´s a6 was played to prepare b5. How should he continue (to get b5 played):
Well, would you have went for Ba5? - Aronian did!  8-)

What is somewhat outstanding is the fact that Naroditsky - just like Ramirez - is able to talk about his thinking process and/or the plans/ideas of a move so freely that it is really a joy to listen!

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