Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Day 152 / 213 to go

Today I did the post-mortem of the Schlosspark Open - mainly analysing the two games I lost. Actually, I took a real chess board and started without Komodo first. Only after I had a decent look myself and came up with new insights/ideas, I then consulted Komodo. Whereas I consider(ed) my position against the 2150-dude being around 0.4 - 0.8 better for me, the machine acknowledges only a small edge of 0.3 (would I have taken the correct route)...
As for the game against the 2400-guy I found some very good looking/promising continuations; I attributed my position with a tiny nip (let´s say plus 0.15 to 0.25). But Komodo considers them somewhat being weak and concludes that the position is actually nothing but (!) absolutely equal (0.00)
But what is much more important: I made a pretty big mistake in the opening which should have cost my life (but my opponent didn´t opt for it)! I shall never again go for this variation/move. Actually, GM Ramirez has some advice how to counter that position/variation and I will hammer this into my CPT and use it from now on!

On top, I (re-)started A. Smith´s PUMP UP Your Rating (I actually bought it already some 1,5 years ago, did the first few pages and then put it aside). Here´s a very nice one - actually, it is Black to move:
Can you come up with plan for White (not the next move - but a plan)?
White has a tiny nip but decent Black defense should lead to a draw. But if White wants to go for the full point, what would be his plan? 
Smith actually draws the conclusion that White might well shift his King over to the queenside and go for an attack on the kingside - I like this idea a lot. (Amongst other things, it is based on the fact that Black is somewhat locked -- a Wu-Wei position!)

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