Monday, 1 August 2016

Day 123 / 242 to go

Today I started with a post mortem of four games from the tournament and followed up with repeating one sideline which I simply forgot about during the match (or better: I did recall that it is not a good variation for my opponent, but I didn´t know it exactly and therefore didn´t dare to go for it because I only saw all the possible downsides without focusing on all the upsides). This resulted in a difference of -0,4 according to Komodo. (I knew this, but didn´t know the continuation...)

After a post mortem for four games from the tournament I followed up with repeating that one sideline...
End of August I will play the Wiesbaden Open - then these sidelines must not cause me to spend unnecessary time and/or go for unfavourable variations any longer!

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