Monday, 14 November 2016

Day 227 / 138 to go

I climbed to 2407 on CT-ART 4.0!  Now I have to try and keep this level - I don´t think I can increase that within the coming days.... maybe I can climb a bit higher within the coming months, though. Let´s see.
Here´s a nice one from CT-ART, which I didn´t solve completely (but still earned some points):White to move
The first move appears pretty obvious and natural - but already White´s second move is only to be found if one already is aware of the right theme/concept...  What is White´s move in the following position?
Did you see Kf5 and Rxf5?  No? Neither did I --- but now it should be clear, what is going on, right? White to move and keep the draw:

In addition I solved one Lommer. That has to be enough for today. I admit, overall, today´s session was a bit short... 8-/

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