Monday, 28 November 2016

Days 237-240 / 125 to go

Yet again, I managed to gain some 10 rating points out of the tournament. However, I went into the last round with more or less no rating difference, i.e. I didn´t really achieve anything during the first 6 rounds. That´s not really satisfactory... 8-/
All in all, I still have one - but known - huge construction site with one variation for Black. Something that a strong IM made me aware of the hard way...
In addition, I made inappropriate judgements within three middle-games, resulting in a draw (instead of "more") and a loss (instead of a "dead draw"), but also one victory (which, overall, was not really deserved). However, I also went for variations which I don´t play frequently in 3 games but came out of the opening pretty fine. Hence, I would conclude that this tournament showed a "certain weakness" in positional understanding. Taking the last three tournaments into account, it probably was the weakest one, purely taking "quality" (and not rating points gained) into account.
But, as stated above, I still managed to finish with a two-digit rating improvement... 8-)

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