Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Day 104 / 261 to go

Just like yesterday, I started with 3 Aagards in order to practise my PAT. Here´s the one I missed today:
The reason for missing it was - just like yesterday - that I didn´t apply my PAT consequently enough: I lacked to ask myself whether there are any in-between moves!  I really have to force myself (much more) to to go throught the complete PAT-structure!

And just like yesterday I followed up with two Lommers. BUT: Not only did I solve both, I
actually proved that there exist a second solution NOT provided in the book! (Furthermore, just like yesterday, I experienced that Komodo 9,3 - run on the 64bit-version with 4 cores - is NOT really good at identifying the Queen-versus-c-pawn ending in a draw..) However, the two positions weren´t really puzzles in Lommer´s definition/sense - they were pretty straight forward and rather easy pawn-endgames. (Nevertheless, I succeeded!)

Finally, just like yesterday I called it a day after I did follow some opening variations with Black.

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