Monday, 18 July 2016

Day 109 / 256 to go

Today I started with 3 Lommers - I got one right and made two rather silly calculation errors with the other two. (Although this means that I didn´t get the solution completely right, at the board I would have started with the right moves and thus surely wouldn´t have made these kinds of calculation errors...)
Again, NONE of these puzzles were really "Lommer-style" but rather normal pawn-endings. This makes things a lot easier and also more motivating and less frightening/frustrating!

In addition I proceeded with my opening for Black.

At the end of today´s session I did 6 Aagaards. Here is the one I "kind of" missed (Black to move):

The top move is about tactics, which is anyway somewhat a weakness of mine (I really have to do more tactic excersises in order to sharpen my senses at that end). However, my two candidate moves are amongst the top 3 and for Komodo, all three moves have a very narrow range of +0,06 only. So despite my lack of tactical foresight, I didn´t misunderstand the positional aspects at all.

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