Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 103 / 262 to go

Hmmm, I did three Aargaards today, but again failed on two. Here´s a good example of what I missed because I was trying to short-cut my PAT (I simply didn´t go through my personal checklist and lacked to ask myself for attacking moves for White):
Although my choice is ranked second best and still "good enough" to win, I am somewhat disappointed that I wasn´t 100% focused...

In addition, I did two Lommers. The one below was quite easy based on the knowledge of the "f-pawn rule" in a Queen versus Pawn ending (White to move):
Interestingly, Komodo 9.3 took not only amazingly long but also a few moves to play to recognise that exd ends in a draw! (At the same time it is somewhat worth to mention that e5 wins, as the stalemate-option for black with his f-pawn is not working due to the remaining d-pawn).

Finally, I went into some sidelines of my opening with Black. I actually bought one of these learning DVDs and the style of the commentator/author/speaker deserves a very big LIKE!

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