Monday, 11 July 2016

Day 102 / 263 to go

Today I spent about two hours with my opening for Black - with a special emphasis on the current "main line" (which I didn´t really treat with the necessary accuracy during the last tournament).

After that I tried to solve 3 Aagards - but failed on two. I missed one because of a calculation error (which I only recognized after I consulted good old Fritz - since the solution in Aagard´s book wasn´t that satisfactory for me) and the second one was actually all about a re-occuring theme: Although the move as such was part of my candidates, I failed to see the thematic move to follow - just like I missed it on my training day 68!

Here´s the position - if you remember the thematic move I missed back then, this one will be very easy for you (or maybe you simply identify the common characteristic of both positions) - below, it´s White´s turn:
I guess, now (after I missed it twice) I have a fair chance not to forget that kind of moves again...

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