Sunday, 17 April 2016

Day 16 / 349 to go

Today was the last match of our chess team. We won - and completed the season 4th. This was not to be expected at the beginning of the season!
I lost. The post mortem showed that I - once more - have to become more precise with regards to my move order. I simply have to sharpen up: Knowing the opening "as such" is not really worth much if I mix up or simply disregard the correct/best move order! Using Komodo I did spend quite some time this evening (allowing the machine enough time to calculate) to sort things out with this opening!
Regardless of the imprecise move order - and very much to my own shame, I missed the chance to get a slight advantage when I lacked to show the necessary calculation depth: I was afraid of opening up my king-side, fearing a sacrifice which would have never worked as well as a king-side attack, which never would have had the time to kick in, due to me being "faster" in the centre...  8-/
Two heavy mis-judgements - totally justifying my defeat!

Although I lost and I am pretty p... off with that; I did practise my middle game understanding later this evening using my PAT for the "usual" 6 positions.

Achievement of the day:
  • Move order (for heaven sake, dude! When will you - finally - pay attention and respect the correct move order)! 
  • Being afraid of an all-in king-side attack rolling over you - CAREFULLY check your chances in the centre before you chicken out!

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