Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Day 4 / 361 to go

Tonight I had the weekly training session with my coach. We had a sniff into my new opening, ending up in a very dynamic middle game and a nice demonstration of the power of control in the centre: even in positions the engines evaluate as being equal, controlling the centre can make a huge difference for human players - and increase the prospects of the side having the centre (tremendously)...

Later the same night, I continued studying the new opening for black. Main focus at the current stage is to get a first understanding of the main ideas and plans for black. Precise moves and move-orders are next, when also using both Komodo and the latest MegaBase from Chessbase will show which moves are actually played (most) by the chess pros and help discriminating certain (unfavourable) lines. Contrary to yesterday´s plan, I will start practise my new opening in online blitz-games only later this week (perhaps Thursday, perhaps only during the weekend), there is simply too much to read+learn first!
My current plan is to start including the engines this weekend. Maybe it is a good idea to start online games and then use the engines after each relevant game...

Achievement of the day:
Appreciation of the centre

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