Thursday, 14 April 2016

Day 13 / 252 to go

It still takes me about one hour to practise my PAT and solve 6 middle-game positions from Aagard´s book. That´s what I did tonight next to endgame theory. So up to now I didn´t speed up (but maybe it is simply too early for that)
Here is an impressive one (Anand - Wang-Hao / 2011) - White to move:

I also did some online blitz - trying to reach any of the opening variations I recently learned/sharpened. However, today nobody went into any of these variations against me... Nevertheless, I am now able to keep my online rating at constantly between 2120 - 2160. Whereas earlier on I experienced pretty large swings ranging from 2050 to 2150. Looks like "something" has already kicked in...
All in all I conclude that online blitz games are fun, but the amount of time spent and the direct benefit due to variations (or endgame positions played) is way to high! Consequently, my coach 100% correctly made clear that these blitz sessions can only be on top and after the daily dose of theory! And up to now, I am more that willing to follow his advice!

Later on I will also dig deeper into rook-endgames...  I wish I could say that I am looking forward to it. 8-/  However, I guess in about two or three weeks things will fall together more easily and the bigger picture achieved will then be worth the effort. My coach actually warned me: "Three to six months endgames will either make or break you!" It´s definitely no fun, but I am not yet willing to give up. Not yet!

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