Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Day 11 / 354 to go

Today I focused on my opening repertoire with black - both with software (Komodo as well as using special software to learn the correct move-order and variations) and my coach.
I spent some 90 minutes on my own with one opening plus almost two hours with my coach on his main research lines.
Very productive!
I also did "a few minutes" on Queen versus pawn-endings - when/how to draw (or win) against rook- or knight-pawn. Yes yes - these rules should be well known to a 2050-guy like me. But to be honest, they weren´t until today! So even this short session and these rather simple+easy endgames were very instructive!
(Hmmm - do you really remember the rules when the queen wins again a rook- or knight-pawn on the 7th rank? You are - really - aware of the correct "winning zone" for the stronger-side king; including the differentiation based on the "wrong" or "right" side of the weaker-side king?!)   8-)

I caught a cold. Nevertheless, later tonight I will try to proceed with Aaagard´s "Positional Play" for another hour - practicing my PAT... The plan for tomorrow is to have an excessive session on Endgames and one further lesson on Aagard´s work!

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