Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Day 5 / 360 to go

Today I spent over one hour on Aagard´s book - practising my middle game understanding using my PAT; I managed to analyse 7 positions. Apart from the last one, I got them all right - I even corrently identified a Wu-Wei position!.

On Saturday+Sunday I wil apply the PAT to more endgame-oriented positions (based on a different book). This will be more difficult - given my humble understanding and often instinct-based (in contrast to decently calculated-based) decisions made in endgames. However, my coach is convinced that as long as I put the right effort into it (hard working - no cheating, no short-cut), I will reach a level that probably goes beyond the average 2150-rated player by the end of this summer...  Personally, I consider this to be an important interim-target making the overall journey a bit more tasty.  I just hope that an improvement of my game - and as such, my tournament performance and rating - will start to kick in (much) earlier...

In addition, I made a deeper dive into one of the two main lines of my new opening for black. I start to get a certain feeling about the main motives, but, of course, still tend to mix them (cannot yet really distinguish when to go for which motive)...

Achievements of the day:
PAT-practice for middle game positions (including a successful identification of a Wu-Wei position)

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