Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Day 19 / 346 to go

Today - taking the subway to work - I tried to solve some really easy tactic puzzles. Ohh boy did I fail!!!  I assume, it was mainly because during the last two weeks I concentrated so much on strategical thinking. Hence, I might have to adopt my training plan in order not to enter the next tournament being totally blind on one eye... (Maybe my coach has some advice on this.)

Tonight, I startet with middlegame studies and came across a nice position:
Can you spot a nice plan for Black in order to increase is WOP - worst-placed piece?
Well, it is worth mentioning that the plan as such will not really have the time to be put to reality with correct play by White. Nevertheless, the plan as such is worth a thought...

Furthermore I contintued with studying endgame-basics. (During the weekend I will focus on my opening repertoire with Black.)

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