Monday, 11 April 2016

Day 10 / 355 to go

Today I took the (very rare) chance to leave work pretty early - and actually invested it into chess (and some house cleaning)! Whereas the latter is simply a "must" (every once in a while), the first is still done with high motivation.
Let me start today by adding one of yesterday´s positions which - I admit - I didn´t solve correctly (Black to move):

I assume, I would have spotted g5 in case it wasn´t the king-side. So it really is vital not to narrow one´s focus! (I actually considered it to be either a sort of a Wu-Wei position or using b5 as a lever; "luckily" Komodo considers b5 equally good for Black, so I was not really doing bad...)

Today I continued with
  • Aagard´s book for some 75 minutes
  • Opening theory for Black - for some 90 minutes
    I actually found a pretty helpful piece of software (or shall I call it "App"?!) assisting me to hammer the variations and move-orders into my head!  Nevertheless, I consider my progress with the opening theory as rather slow. Somehow I would like to speed it up and recognise faster/more progress (maybe I am doing something wrong - or I am simply getting old)...

Achievements of the day:
  • Weaknesses not only include squares but also pieces; and sometimes these opponent´s  weaknesses can be created and/or exploited  right in front of your own king-side!
  • Today´s work on the concept of the worst-placed piece(s) made me re-think and actually adapt my PAT (again) - mainly because it works both ways: While my own worst-placed piece needs to find a better place, my opponent´s worst-placed piece might become a valuable target!

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