Monday, 4 April 2016

Day 3 / 362 to go

Today I started to work on my repertoire with black - a complete new opening as adviced by my coach! I already own a "move by move"-book by Everyman Chess and I am confident that the new one will provide me with the necessary to stand the test and get going with yet a completely new opening...
It is a bit scary to start a totally new opening in tournament chess - and my age doesn´t really make things easier.
(Maybe tomorrow I will start some online blitz-games in order to get acquainted with the new positions and moves...  but I have to ask my coach first --- as he made cristal clear that training does not include "online fun"!)  8-)

In addition, I did progress with my PAT, using Aagaard´s book. I just started, so I assume the positions to solve are yet easy (and my achievement of 100% is rather not really anything special; but this way it keeps motivation high).

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