Thursday, 7 April 2016

Day 6 / 359 to go

Tired, I have to admit I was tired the whole day...
So today´s PAT-session was a challange, mainly challanging my willpower and not so much my chess capabilities. But sometimes it´s nothing but plain persistence that keeps efforts high (and training is never meant to be just fun - it is about pushing ones comfort zone)!
I forced myself to evaluate as many positions it takes to have spent at least 60 minutes on it --- resulting in 6 positions. So I am doing about one in 10 minutes. This sounds reasonably fine, given that many training books advise to spend between 5 - 10 minutes per position AND taking into account that I only started. Nevertheless, this definitely has to speed up - but I am confident!

Here is a nice one which I missed:
1) Can you see the right continuation (which was even missed by Nakamura himself)?

Nakamura - Sasikiran (2005)

2) Can you tell me WHY it seems to be hard to spot/easy to miss?
3) Can you tell me WHAT DO TO in order not to miss it in the future?

After a decent break I will continue with my new opening. I am still at the very first steps of it - going through the different variations. But at least, I now made it to the main variation! At at first glance, it looks pretty interesting!  8-)

Achievement of the day:
  • Trained my Persistence
  • Weaknesses are not only limited to structure and/or pawns - but also to badly placed pieces an/or too exposed pieces!
  • This Placeholder is reserved for YOU --- answer question 2 and 3 above --- and I will add it here!

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