Wednesday, 4 May 2016

500 hits from 10 countries

After roughly 1/12th of my journey and some 34 days of blogging my (almost) daily chess activities, I would like to share some statistics about this blog:

By now, this blog received almost 500 hits from 10 different countries! Yes, yes, that is close to nothing, but yet it shows that there seems to be some sort of interest...
4 out of 5 hits come from Germany, about 10% from the US. Just last week Portugal took 3rd rank followed by UK, Russia, France, Lithuania, Latvia, China and Holland...
Most visitors come from - so, KaDe, thanks for adding me!
The most visited page - next to the daily posts - is the one about my training achievements.

(On top, four books have been ordered using the provided link - all received a discount of almost 15% for their order; and one chessbase product might be ordered soon. Just to get this clear: The discounts are for YOU - I am 100% non-profit, of course!)

Although the main purpose was and is to keep a diary - something advised by my coach - I am glad that my journey is not left unnoticed and seems to have some sort of value for others, too!


(Feel free to send any comments - any sort of communication/interaction can only be beneficial!)

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