Monday, 2 May 2016

Day 28 - 31 / Tournament: Ried Open 2016

All in all, I did quite well in this 7 round tournament: 5 points (4 victories / 2 draws) with a performance of slightly above 2150.

I fucked up (please excuse my French) one clearly won position by overlooking a pretty straight forward perpetual check, whereas I turned a clearly lost position into a win - better: my opponent did so. (I am not proud of that game or the outcome. Luckily, this happens approximately every 5 years and not more often - I am not interested in that kind of victories at all.). Apart from these two "exotics" I was able to apply new set-ups in three games - and actually scored 2,5 points (1,5 with black)!

However, I didn´t yet apply my PAT properly: I am not yet really sure when to apply it and/or how often within one game... But at least I did apply "parts" of it much more often than in any previous match/tournament. So there is a clear trend...

Next week - next tournament! Since it takes more than one swallow to make a summer I am pretty excited to see whether I can show an equal performance in the next tournament. My main goal for this coming event is to gain at least yet another slight rating plus; a performance around 2100 should be achievable... (It would be pretty disappointing to lose any rating points...)

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