Monday, 16 May 2016

To draw or not to draw - Make your choice in less than 3,5 minutes!

Here´s a nice one played just two days ago:

I managed to stay between +0,2 and +0,6 throughout the game, hitting Komodo´s top 3 moves pretty constantly. So far, so good. On the downside, it did cost me considerable time. So with some 3,5 minutes left for 7 moves, the following position was reached and my opponent offered a draw:
White to move
I actually melted things down to one variation where I get the g-pawn and we are both left with a light-squared bishop - fine! But the other variation I calculated was - again, White to move:
With some 20 seconds left, I was too scared that he would be able to get one of my pieces for free - then leaving me with a lost game...  and accepted the draw.
(Of course, the machine quickly revealed the correct pattern to get the job done: Bh6 and Rf8!)

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