Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Day 33 / 332 to go

Today I had a session with my coach regarding some of the openings I played during the last tournament. Although I did go throught them beforehand on my own (+ support from all these clever machines), it is still worth the time to have a good coach talking about it! One nice rule of thumb I just learned (since I actually never heardt about it before):
Put your pieces where your most advanced pawns are pointing to (especially in closed positions)!
(Something worth to be added to my overall training achievements.)

In addition to today´s session with my coach I did work with my PAT on Aargaard´s book - I scored miserable 2 out of 6...  8-/  However, in three positions even the world elite players misjudged! But this shall not mislead my perception on the reasons for such bad performance: I assume, my calculation accuracy and depth is simply yet not good enough...
Can you spot the correct move for White in the following position? Topalov didn´t back then (neither did I tonight)!

What has been left behind (my training schedule) is any advance on my endgame knowledge. But due to the next tournament lining up already in two days, I purposely go for middle-game positions as well as some opening studies tomorrow, instead of hard endgame facts...(Maybe, there is actually no true rationale for that sort of preference. But at least that´s what I did (not) a day before the last and the next tournament.)

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