Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Day 40 / 325 to go

Today my coach provided me with a nice idea for my new opening with black based on a post mortem we did on one of my games from the recent tournament. In addition he made clear that my PAT shall not only be used on existing positions at the board, but ideally also on ex ante positions (i.e. when calculating variations)! Sounds like a true challange - which I am more than willing to accept.

After that 90 minute session and a little break (some food, some TV), I went for a 55 minute session  on endgame-puzzles.(My coach reinforced his claim that the most important to improve my chess is to work on these puzzles on a daily basis!) I solved one and did a recap on 3 I solved about two weeks ago. Let me share the one I solved by starting with the elementary rule of the key squares in order to identify if a pawn-ending is won (or not):
So, as you may recall/know - the key squares in this position are e6/d6/f6. If White manages to occupy one of these with his king (prior to moving his pawn), he wins (otherwise it´s a draw). Knowing this it is easy to predict the outcome (a) if White is to move or (b) Black it to move...
In the puzzle I went after this evening, the above rule needs to be applied in one of the main variations:
It is White to move - and to draw!

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