Saturday, 7 May 2016

Day 36 + 37 / 2nd+3rd day of the tournament

Wow - what a louzy performance. I assume I am already down some 35 rating points:
Game 3: I totally screw things up early in the opening, but somehow managed to cash the full point later on.
Game 4: I misjudged a won middle game, the resulting position was a dead draw but I didn´t want to accept my opponents offer (I knew it was a dead draw, but  I took a risk which I shouldn´t have). It ended in a rook+pawn versus rook+2 pawns ending, totally lost. However, I had absolutely no clue whether it was really lost or simply how to best fight for draw. It´s pretty embarrasing that my endgame expertise is yet so weak!
Game 5: Yet another instance of practising my new opening; I came out of it already with a decent minus (which I actually didn´t really recognise as such). On top I went for an "all in"-move with my king - on purpose to show my will to fight for the full point - and lost just a few moves later.

  • I need to sharpen up my endgame knowledge. (I already started with it, but due to the tournaments and the necessity to get the necessary depth on my new opening with black, I didn´t make much progress. There was simply no time yet.)
  • I need to work on my calculation abilities - too many problems/losses occur simply because I lack to focus my calculation and get a decent picture of the future position! 
  • (I did contintue to apply my new opening with black and the changed move-order with white. I start to get a better sense on when to push pawns in the center with black That´s a very important outcome for the future.  In addition, unlike recent years/tournaments where I would have "chickened out" and accepted a draw, I am happy to take risks and go for the full point.
    That is about it on the "asset" side of the balance sheet...)
Luckily, my coach already gave me a long-term task which actually address both! ("Unfortunately" there is yet another tournament next weekend. I would prefer to do some training, but my son is currently in good shape - he probably ends up with a rating plus of some 75 points after this tournament and wants to "ride the wave"... Who could advise not to?!  So I will accompany him and join in.  Let´s see...)

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