Saturday, 21 May 2016

Day 50 / 315 to go

Yesterday I spent some 75 minutes with "Chess for Zebras" - and went over a nice chapter on the difference between an idea or plan, and its execution: sometimes the correct idea/plan is identified but lacks the correct move order! Actually, I read about the topic some 5 weeks ago. Ever since I actually kept it in the back of my head (and even told my son about it during our last tournament)! Now the book offered a pretty impressive example on NOT to rush into the direct execution too fast (Black to move):
It is obvious that White enjoys a nice position and that Black might have some chances for a perpetual with queen and knight... But how shall the plan be put into action?

In addition, I did one Lommer-position - but (partly) failed.
Then I added some 75 minutes on "Avoidable Mistakes" by Edouard: The first chapter is not that interesting as such, but the exercises are (always) welcome!

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