Thursday, 5 May 2016

Day 35 / 1st day of the tournament

I lost the first round against a 2350-rated lady. I played my new opening with black and came out of the opening pretty well. I could have equalized easily and actually saw and considered the move, but aimed higher - and f... up! (At least the opening as such is "playable" and would have allowed to equalise; and I like the thought that I did aim for more and did not rush for the equalising move just because of my opponent´s rating...)

Second game of the day: Oh gosh, what a doubtful finish! Doubtful because it makes me doubt whether I will ever increase my game! I reached the follow position with great ease (not straight forward as such, but nevertheless without heavy thinking or time-consuming calculations):
White to move
Komodo evaluates this as +2.2; even the worst move (which I played) leaves White with +1. So how – ON EARTH – could I lose this position only 3 moves from now????
Even one move prior to my blunder I am still +1.4:
Now f6 is the route to victory (which I didn´t take)…   8-(

Shall I add that my opponent only had 40 seconds left for some 15 moves (and I still had some 20 minutes)? No, better not…

It is very hard to draw any sort of constructive conclusion from this game. I new my bishop and the half open g-file were my biggest assets. Nevertheless, I continuously did my very best NOT to exploit this easily winning strengths… A very tough loss!

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