Monday, 16 May 2016

Day 43 - 46 / Tournament Hassloch

Nope, yet another tournament where a clear development for the better - in terms of the results - was missing.
It becomes obvious that I still lack a decent understanding for my new opening with black. However, I have the feeling that it will not take much longer: As indicated last week, my understanding when and how to fight for the centre is getting better!

I don´t know why, but although 3 out of the last 4 tournaments went into the wrong direction, I suddenly feel a certain confidence - weird (as my games as such don´t really qualify for any such confidence)...  Once my performance with Black starts to kick in (and settles at the score before my switch) and I have advanced studying my Lommer, I am ready to sustainably advance towards 2100! (My coach was predicting that it will take me approx. 3 months before "something will change"...)

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