Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 61 / 304 to go

I went for two endgame-puzzles - didn´t solve them. The one below is "thematic" for my current thinking: I stop too early! It is a sort of "yeah - now it is clear; no need to calculate any further"-attitude limiting me. I catch myself way too often doing that.  Unfortunately, I don´t yet know how to stop me from doing it...  8-/

Here´s the position where I "gave up" after being 100% sure that the g5-pawn is lost for White. (This not only would have cost me half a point in a match, it is even more annoying since I was supposed to solve a puzzle! Therefore it was somewhat clear that there had to be "something else"...) At least, I should have recognized that the h-file offers some sort of "potential" being typical for weaker side...
White to move - and draw:
However, after I consult the solution, it still takes me some 5 minutes to calculate each and every possible move order since the solution given is not really well elaborated. I take that as an additional training effect...

Due to an extraordinary long working day, I have no power left to go for anything else. Tomorrow I will, finally do some PAT-training next to some Lommer-stuff!

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