Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Day 47 / 318 to go

After a very long working day I started with a short post mortem on my last game of the tournament which finished yesterday. It was about the very aggressive (or better - "wanna be aggressive"?) h4-move early in the opening...  For many years I replied in acceptable fashion. Due to my intensified efforts, I made a switch and due to my analysis today (book+PC) I will now switch to the "third" option available...  8-)

In addition, I did work on/train with my PAT. Whereas I normally manage to work on 6 positions in some 60 minutes, today, I only covered 4 in 65 minutes...  here´s an interesting one:
White to move
Although "we all" can spot "what´s going on" and what White´s aim is, the question remains "how" - since even Gelfand himself didn´t spot the correct continuation during his game!

P.S.: Coach, I planned to work on my Lommer, but I forgot the book at home! I even told my son to take pictures of the puzzles - which he promised to send me, but he didn´t!!!  
So, I can only continue with my Lommer tomorrow...

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