Thursday, 6 October 2016

Day 187 / 178 to go

Yesterday it took me some 8h to get from Stuttgart to Paris and then I was left without internet access...  Nevertheless, I picked up training again and did the following:  Both during the train ride and later in the hotel I solved puzzles using CT-ART 4.0. I have to admit, that I can´t solve the very tricky ones (CT-ART offers a scale up to 180 --- I limited the puzzles to scale 150 first, but had to accept that I am currently not really able to solve any above 100) - so I reduced the complexity level...
In addition, I followed the words/advice of GM Ramirez - following him on one of his training DVDs. I really like his teaching style --- not to mention that he plays what I play, both with Black and White!

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