Sunday, 30 October 2016

Day 212 / 153 to go

Today I continued with Smith´s Pump Up your Rating. After already having taken his advice to categorize own mistakes made serious, I only found out today that I lacked to put a bit more wording to the categories - or at least provide an overall summary.  Only around page 186 Smith finally provides an example of his own annotations and it becomes clear, that I should give it a more personal tune instead of using too surgically clear-cut boxes: So from now on, I will add some sort of "overall comment". It´s more this comment than the statistics about each category that should add practical value to my games (as far as I understand Smith).

In addition, I continued with Soltis´ The Inner Game of Chess. I reached Chapter 2 but up to now I lack somewhat the "aha moments". Let´s see whether this improves or if it stays at the "surface" throughout the book. However, at least it provides more than enough puzzles within these first two chapters!

Finally, I went back to some endgame basics (something also proposed by Smith). To be really honest, I simply forgot about Philidor and Lucena. But since I knew about this lack of knowledge - I simply went back to de la Villas "100 Endgames you must know" and refreshed my memory on this end.  I guess I simply should go over these sort of endgame basics every 6 to 9 months...  8-/

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